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Useful Beauty Advice


Form Perfect Wash and Go Curls

After using your intense moisture Shampoo and conditioner, apply your protective hair sealant directly to freshly cleansed hair. Be sure to section off hair to ensure that the product is thoroghly applied to each hair strand. As your hair begins to dry, the sealant is locking in moisture, sealing the hair cuticles and helping your curl pattern to form going in the same direction. Leaving you with bouncy, defined, shiny coils!

Be Consistent

While our products provides you with everything that you may need to begin a healthy hair and skin care journey, CONSISTENCY is key. Follow the instructions provided, to ensure that you and your family are reaping the full benefits of the Split Image brand products.

Product Longevity

A little goes a long way while using our long hold edge control. To avoid product build-up, you can reactivate the products that are already in place by simply wetting your edge brush that is provided, and restyling the finishing touches (edges).


Styling Tips

For best results while beginning your healthy hair journey, try starting out with LOW TENSION hair styles. This allows your hair to breathe and thrive in a stress free way.

Inner Beauty

While our total skin care line is everything that you will need to begin your  journey to  renewed and vibrant skin, it is what's on the inside matters most. Incorporating a healthy diet into your daily routine is a great way to give your skin the necessary elements to healthy glowing skin. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

Length Check

Choose a day out of every month to do a length check. Take pictures!. You will be excited to witness your new profound hair growth. Before you know it your mane will down your back turning heads!

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